“Dizzy Ball”

Here is the new style shooting game.
First, take the angle of the ball.
And then the ball hit the cute enemy make good use of cushion Of course, get out of the all obstacle after you shot the ball
Let’s press “BUY NOW!”,if you are intersted.
You’ll be sorry for it, if not press “Buy Now”

“Dizzy Ball” has more than 360 stages.
And there are 18 hidden stages if you get 18 hidden items in each stages somewhere.
“Dizzy Ball” may be just different style game in App store.
Have you ever been new style shooting game like “Dizzy Ball” before?
-Think the answer is “no”,Because i have great confidence in myself about “Dizzy Ball”

Sure being not easy to buy new game.
But i can prove worthy of your trust.
“Dizzy Ball” has nice and simple design and cute graphics
Besides, it will be of much help to your brain.
Most important point is hit the target(enemy) with fewest number
Please remember “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”
Marshal all sorts of flowery words are not different.
But i don’t want to explain anymore.
Now i’m saying once more “There is no regret, if you purchase [Dizzy Ball]”.

We will prepare to more stages although has many stages for your light purse :)
If you are bored and need to kill some time, try this game.
Finally, ” Please try this game [Dizzy Ball]anywhere anytime!”

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