Dizzy Colors

This App allows you to work and improve your attentional focus (selective attention).

Based on the Stroop effect , words are shown and sometimes the color of the words are diferente from what the words say. The goal is identify the color and not the meaning of the words.

When the meaning of the word is incongruent with the color, such as “BLUE” written in red color, it creates a conflict between the color and the word’s meaning. The “conflict” between two brain processes are word recognition and color recognition. This conflict requires extra processing time for the brain to resolve.

In order to name the color correctly, the two processes compete for the final decision-making process, the brain has to inhibit the faster/stronger word recognition process in order to allow the color recognition to win in the final response. This inhibition requires “selective attention” (attentional focus) to inhibit the competing conflicting process.

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