Division For Kids

*** Rated 4/5 stars by BestAppsForKids.com ***
*** Rated a top math app by funeducationalapps.com ***
A fantastic app for kids to learn and practice long division on their own. This app teaches kids simple division and long division with remainders. There are unlimited problems for children to practice and solve. This app is just perfect for kids who are learning division and also wish to test their knowledge of times tables upto 20 by solving division problems.

Two Modes: Each mode has 10 levels of difficulty.
1) Practice: Learn how to do long division with remainders starting with simple division. Unlimited problems in every level.
2) Test: Take division tests with 10 problems each in every level. Different problems every time you play.

How kids of grade 2 to 6 can benefit?
– Easily learn long division (with and without remainders) with step-by-step instructions (spoken aloud).
– Solve division problems like a game and try to cross every level of difficulty.
– Use the same app again and again to get new problems all the time.
– Easy problems for kids just learning division and difficult problems for kids who already know division.
– Kids will learn what the terms mean: quotient, remainder, dividend and divisor.

Why parents will love the app?
– It is fun to use and play. The child can learn and practice division all alone.
– Funny animations will keep the child hooked.
– Every step, problem and answer is spoken aloud to reinforce learning in a child.

– Free to download and try out.
– Solutions available for practice problems
– 1st 2 levels free in both modes. Remaining 8 available via single in-app purchase.
– Just right for math of grades 2-6.

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