Ditto Ditto

Do you like snap? Yes! Do you like a quiz? Yes! – Then you’ll LOVE Ditto Ditto!

Ditto is the new fun, addictive word and mind game to challenge your friends, partners, family and coworkers – anyone!

Play rounds of compatibility challenging questions from several fun, witty and different categories.

Test your mind and see if you think a like!

Note – plays on iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod touch 3rd generation, iPod touch 4th generation

Note – network connection is required. Wifi on the iPod touch is required

Ditto features

– Over 300 fun, interesting, mind challenging questions
– ‘swap me’ function (if you don’t like the question – swap me!)
– Chat to your opponent about the answers!
– Earn tickets for the same answers!
– Purchase new and exciting categories with in game tickets!
– Don’t wait to earn tickets, you can buy it from the shop!
– A ‘forgot your password’ function
– Get 6 categories included! General, Sports General, Colours General, Movies General, Animals General, Music General
– Purchasable categories include TV Shows, AFL, Compatibly Check and heaps more!
– Find different opponents using the ‘random user’ button!
– Play via Facebook or Username!

Find your match today!

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