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Square Enix Releases Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy AR

Final Fantasy fans might be pleased to see that Square Enix has just released an augmented reality app that puts characters from the Final Fantasy series on your desk, in your hand, or on a rooftop downtown. It all depends on how crazy you want to get.

We say you “might” be pleased to see this app, because if you’re a fan of Square Enix games, you’d probably rather see them release Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on iOS. After all, they announced they were working on it a while ago, and they still haven’t given a release date.

But the (clunkily titled) Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy AR app is out now, and if you’re into the augmented reality thing, it’s kind of neat. To see the app’s full functionality, you have to print out an AR marker (available here). Then you can put the marker anywhere your heart desires, and see tiny figures from the series sprout up as if they’re actually in the room with you.

The game only includes four characters: Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI, or Warrior of Light from the original Final Fantasy. But you can also snap pictures of them, and watch them perform various animations.

Since you only get four characters, the app may seem a little pricey at $4.99. But if you’re a die-hard Final Fantasy fan, it might be worth a look.