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Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Play This: Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Updated for Apple TV

Update (11/11/2015): Infinity 3.0 Edition has been updated on the Apple TV to include the full console game.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment.  The full console game! Senior Producer for Infinity Sean Patton claims the Apple TV version, utilizing Metal, has graphic quality somewhere between the X-box 360 and a PS/4.

This update includes support for a special Bluetooth version of the base station, in Apple TV black even, that’s available starting now at the Apple Store for $99. The starter pack includes the base station, a Steelseries Nimbus MFi controller, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker characters, and the Twilight of the Republic playset. This also means that all current and former Infinity characters will work with this version.

Note that the Apple TV version is not a Universal version, so please search for “Infinity” in the TV App Store to download.


Oh man, this game is awesome. Some of the best parts of the Infinity 3.0 release — like the Star Wars characters — on iOS! The game works best with an MFi controller, I used the Steelseries Stratus XL. Toy Box is fully there, and many other great gameplay modes to explore. Now I can play everything in Infinity as Yoda. What more can a man-child like me ask?

Out Now

Out Now: Disney Infinity Toy Box (Infinity 3.0)

It really is a pleasure to have this game on iOS less than a month after it’s console counterpart was released. For the first time Infinity 3.0 includes tons of great Star Wars toys to build with, play with, and even fly. The game on iOS also uses Metal to great effect to produce some very detailed visuals.

I got a chance recently to sit down with John Vignocci and Sean Patton of the Disney Infinity team to discuss the challenges of bringing to mobile a game so tied to physical toy pieces. The team did an amazing job bringing just the core aspects of the game. Sean Patton adds “We’ve packed the Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0 app with many of the most popular new areas of the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Toy Box mode, including the Toy Box Hub, the El Capitan community center and farming simulation. Also, we were sure to include all of the popular existing Toy Box features, such as Toy Box sharing, networked multiplayer, INteriors and of course, players can unlock toys and Power Discs in new Daily Challenge mini-adventures.”

Mr. Patton continues “We want this to be a seamless community experience for our players, and with that in mind, Toy Box 3.0 players can easily share Toy Box creations with friends and the community on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Mobile players will also be able to download and play any of the Toy Box levels created on console.”

The majority of players of Infinity spend the bulk of their time in the Toy Box, and the full Toy Box is in the mobile version. The mobile version now also works with MFi controllers, and I think this method of control is preferrable to the touch controls for anything other than building.

While I’m a little disappointed that this isn’t the full Disney Infinity 3.0 version the team seems open to that for the future, if the experience is right. The full experience will come to the Apple TV first, then hopefully to all iOS devices.


Disney Infinity 3.0 with Full Console Game, Base Station, MFi Controller Coming to iOS and Apple TV Later This Year

Disney hasn’t said much about what the 3.0 version of Infinity would be like on iOS. But today Apple let it slip that Infinity 3.0 along with it’s very highly rated Star Wars content was under development for Apple TV.

We now have confirmation from Disney that the full console game is coming to Apple TV and iOS. This includes for the first time the base station for the full experience. Disney’s John Vignocchi released the following:

I’m happy to share that the full Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition console experience will be available on the new Apple TV later this year. The game will be available through a special Apple TV starter pack, with a similar configuration to the one offered for consoles, including the Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano figures, a new “MFi” controller, and a wireless Disney Infinity 3.0 bluetooth base! We’ll have additional details on this starter pack to share soon.

Disney Infinity 3.0 will release for iOS and Apple TV later this year.


Disney Infinity 3.0 for Mobile Announced – Finally with Star Wars Playable Characters

Disney Infinity 3.0 was just announced today with iOS and Android listed as a supported platforms. The big deal with this release is the support for Star Wars characters. No word on specifics for mobile yet — we’re hoping that 3.0 is where they open it up and add support for the base and physical characters to mobile (like Skylanders recently did).

More details on Infinity 3.0:

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition now welcomes Star Wars™ to the ever-growing collection of Marvel, Disney and Disney•Pixar characters, stories and worlds. This fall, Join Forces with some of your favorite characters as you play in their galaxies in story-driven adventures inside Play Sets or create your own universe in the Toy Box! Disney Infinity is the only game franchise where fans can play with Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars™ characters together in one experience.

About the game:
• Three Star Wars Play Sets, one set in the timeline of Episodes I-III, the second set during the original trilogy, Episodes IV-VI, and the third available this winter based on Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™
• Additional Play Sets offering distinct gameplay and environments, including a Disney•Pixar Play Set based on the upcoming film Inside Out, and a Marvel Play Set featuring Hulkbuster Iron Man, Ultron, and other Marvel characters
• A fully enhanced Toy Box with two new multiplayer Toy Box Expansion Games, Toy Box Speedway (kart racing) and Toy Box Takeover (action-adventure)
• More figures of fan-favorite characters from across The Walt Disney Company, like Mickey and Minnie, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron: Legacy, Mulan and Olaf, among many others

Each of the Star Wars Play Sets offers distinct experiences, with varied gameplay, environments and characters. The Star Wars™: Twilight of the Republic Play Set takes place in the height of the Jedi’s powers, where players will use the Force™ and Lightsabers™ in epic battles and master their combat skills alongside Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Darth Maul. The Star Wars™: Rise Against the Empire Play Set will take players on galaxy-spanning missions with Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Darth Vader, piloting X-wing fighters or the Millennium Falcon to fight stormtroopers, or exploring and partaking in land-based missions on planets like Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor. Additionally, fans will have the unique opportunity to play with all of the Star Wars characters in all of the Star Wars Play Sets.