Disillusions – Manga Horror Free

• Featuring 2D anime/manga-style character art and 3D visuals.
• Explore in first person, solving puzzles by finding items and clues to proceed the horror story (may contain jump scares).
• Dark, gritty surroundings and eerie audio effects for atmospheric gameplay, like that of the Slenderman games.
• Earn leader board scores and achievements through personal gameplay results using GameCenter.
• Star scoring system.
• In-game camera buttons for sharing screenshots of your adventure (Facebook and Twitter).
• 2 Full scary chapters.
• Anyone who got the free version when the game was first released has automatically been updated to the FULL PRO version of the game.
• Look in the store for the Full version of the game, which contains on going chapters, improvements and features!

DiS and Vigil are two friends who act on their plan to visit the (supposedly) haunted residence the newspapers have been covering recently. Unbeknownst to them, however, the place is not as abandoned as the press makes out…

Once DiS discovers that Vigil, who arrived at the scene earlier, is nowhere around, he is drawn into exploring the mysterious past of the psychotic murderer who one called the place home, to ultimately discover the fate of his friend.

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