DJ B., troublesome, rugged and struggling with every aspect of his life, happens to meet a girl in a club and feel his heart stop for the first time of his life. Too shy to tell her how he feels….
Gaining her affection hinges on wining DJ Battle showdown. Please join DJ.B’s super battle.

How to play
Disco Berry is probably one of the easiest mobile music games in its category. Unlike many of ball dropping, finger tapped play music games, Disco Berry uses slide and drag play mode to enhance its game experience. Disco Berry consists of 9 stages and 1 Hell stage in total. After clearing all 9 stages, player is allowed to play Hell stage. Every stage clearing, player is awarded with Gold and can move to next stage. Player can use various items to enjoy lively and dynamic game play.

– Slide and drag mode

– Improved game mechanics with various obstacles and items within the game

– Arcade like ‘Stage clear and open’ game mode

– 10 free songs to play with

– Support online/offline game play mode

More new games are coming soon!

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