Dirt Moto Racing

Rating: 4+

Dirt Moto Racing is a game from Dohi Sweden, originally released 4th July, 2009


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Dirt Moto Racing Review

Most racing games these days use high-powered racing cars or souped-up street cars. In fact, until Real Racing came along, one of the most popular iDevice racing games was Need for Speed. Well, while ATVs aren’t exactly urban or illegal, they do get their chance to shine through their muddy exteriors in Dirt Moto Racing, where tracks are far off in the wilderness and entirely lacking both police and crazed fans.

Dirt Moto Racing is definitely a full-featured game. It has eight tours with four races in each, along with four different types of race, plus two extra types in the single events mode. The entire game is essentially locked when you first go into it, so you have to race in the career mode extensively in order to make the single events mode enjoyable.

Not a police car in sight.

Those are the only two modes of the game, but there is also an online aspect to the single events mode which serves as another mode in itself. In that mode, you can look at online leaderboards for each track you’ve unlocked and then challenge any score you see, which brings you into a sweet race against a ghost rider, after which you can upload your own time.

Races usually pit you against five other opponents, which can be switched between three difficulty levels. Since ATVs can’t take damage, you may come to know your opponents intimately, especially when the physics occasionally have issues and you collide while ten feet away.

The controls are almost entirely based on the accelerometer (use caution when playing in public) and though they take some getting used to, calibration and sensitivity can easily be adjusted. Be sure to adjust those though, because if you go off the track at all (which ATVs seem made for), the game flashes its logo at you and puts you back on the track without any of your previous speed, which can get infuriating.

Better respect my personal space.

During each race there are usually numerous jumps, which give you a chance to perform a trick or two. The trick system also takes some getting used to, and your rider will just have to suffer a few falls as you furiously swipe and tap the screen to complete tricks before gravity notices.

This is made easier with cruise control, though, so one finger isn’t occupied with the gas. However, it isn’t cruise control as we know it from politely maintaining our speed on the highway, but rather a pedal-to-the-metal cruise control, like putting a brick on the gas pedal and just steering madly.

Dirt Moto Racing also offers customization of your ATV and rider, letting you choose different suits and paint jobs, as well as your rider’s gender. Add to that the ability to have three profiles on a game, as well as a ‘˜guest’ mode, and you may just be the coolest friend in your group for a while when you show off this game.

Dirt Moto Racing is a great new entry to the racing genre, and it is one we can recommend highly. With all of its features and styles of play, you might not be able to put it down for a while, and this makes up for its few slight flaws.