Dinosaur Hunters

Xio (easy hope) is committed to creat fatastic games for the players, if you have good ideas, welcome to send them to our email xiyou@easyhope.com,
once your idea was adopted,we will send game code to you as thanks.


“dinosaur hunters” is a popular catching game made by Xio studio.It is good combinaton of ARC.

*3D dinosaur and scenes*
Complet hand draw dinosaur mode and scene, the dinosaur is lovely animation image. Toally 4 different scenes.It involved the function of coins and experience reward.

*novel dinosaur AI*
Dinosaur is different with the stupid swimming fish, scared by the shooting it will run around.

*dinosaur slot machine*
If you are tired of play dinosaur hunters, you can have a try of the slot machine.It is high winning rate,besides gold coin, you may get a dinosaur egg, raising baby
dinosaur gives you more funs.

*dinosaur plan*
All the dinosaurs appear in the game are the same with real one. and we added its name、value、quantity and the coins` value. New functions will be involved.

*super dynamic light*
It is inspirting to hunt lots parading dinosaurs. Available after upgrading and purchasing.

*special dinosaur park*
It is baby dinosaurs` home. Gamer can get coins from here, also can sell parts of baby out for gold coins.

*Game Center*
Newly added ranking and achievement system of the game center,you can compete with your friends.

==Thank you for your support.==

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