Dinosaur Hunter 2

Dinosaur Hunter 2 is $0.99 for a limited time!!!!!!

Bomb Cretaceous Period! Stop running dinosaurs! “Dinosaur Hunter 2” is a great work of Xio studio in the end of 2012. Dinosaurs have no way out! Here`s various dinosaurs crowded, come on, capture them all. What`s more, there is a good chance to draw baby dinosaurs by enjoying the slot machine. Breeding them in the dinosaur park can be rewarded with gold coins. What are you waiting for?

It`s a must-have hunting game for IOS. Invite your friends to enjoy it and experience the time-travel together.

“Dinosaur Hunter 2” is easy to operate, touch the screen to play. It is the best game for you and your family to share together.

★★special game instruction ★★
★double scenes★In the double scenes, double both the consumption and acquisition, more investment for higher profitability. Gold coins are rolling right to you.
★dinosaur cultivation★Capture Tyrannosaurus can rewarded with baby dinosaurs, breed them in the dinosaur park can gain gold coins
★Dinosaur 777★Never be boring, touch the screen to win big prizes.

★★game features★★
It`s cool and exciting to experience the interesting game setting
Lively and vivid dinosaurs, it`s just like backing to the ancient
Various scenes for your choice, fully show the shocking and wild of dinosaurs` time
Experience the fun of breeding baby dinosaurs in the dinosaur park
Receive off-line gold coins for free every day
Try your luck by playing slot machine, big surprises are never stop
Exquisite dinosaur illustration for fun and study
★offical website:http://www.easyhope.com
★email address:xiyou@easyhope.com

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