Dinosaur Egg Drop

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Save the dinosaur eggs! Dinosaur Egg Drop is a new and unique arcade-style universal app that both children and adults will find engaging. You just might have a hard time putting it down!

Snowball the dinosaur desperately needs your help! She lays eggs and has no way of getting them to the nest. You won’t need much to help her, but the task won’t be easy. Are you up the challenge?

In Dinosaur Egg Drop you must move an egg that Snowball lays from her favorite spot in a tree to the nest that is not so nearby. You must be very, very careful. The game is over if you drop the egg—and you’ll make Snowball cry! The only tool at your disposal is a line that you can create for the egg to bounce gently off of and to its destination. You create the line by swiping your finger across the screen of your device. A straight line will cause the egg to bounce higher. Keep this up until the egg lands in the nest.

At first glance, the task of getting a dinosaur egg into the nest may seem simple. However, you are going to have to strategize, use a lot of precision and creativity, and maybe even a little physics to get Snowball’s eggs in the nest. If you’re familiar with the Angry Birds game, you will have a head start. As you finish a level, you can stay there or challenge yourself at a higher level!


Here’s what you can expect with Dinosaur Egg Drop:
•Free gameplay!
•Easy finger-controlled mechanics—if you can swipe you can?!
•Whopping 50 levels—boredom is not an option!
•High-quality HD graphics!
•A universal app—play anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod!
•Points for each time an egg bounces on your line and doesn’t drop!

Coming soon: The option to unlock all levels and play ad-free—for just 99 cents!

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One thought on “Dinosaur Egg Drop

  1. this is a great game!! it is so addicting the first couple levels are easy but don’t let that fool you. Dinosaur egg drop is one of the best games out right now and i think everyone should check it out

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