★★Love AWESOME CUTE Dinosaurs??★★
★★Love AWESOME games that are FREE?★★

So do we!!!

Then you will love DinoDash!!

The volcano has finally erupted and the dinos are running everywhere to escape the area!
While they run everywhere, you can get some serious Coinage and Prizes out of them!!

How to play:
– Drop coins from the top of the screen and have your coins hit the mighty dinosaurs on the way down to earn tickets!
– Aim for the elusive Chest O’ Wheel when it runs by. But you have to be quick!
– Try to get your coins to spell “JACKPOT” and get the coins shower!
– Use your tickets and buy prizes in the Prize Room!
– BRAG about your achievements and Prizes on Facebook! Show everyone that you are the DinoDash! King!

Open Feint Enabled!
Get that super high ticket count and show everyone in the WORLD that you are the DinoDash KING!!!

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