Dino Whack

Get addicted by this fun, casual game you love(d) to play at the amusement park or arcade – now on your iOS device.

Whack the Dinos to earn money and time, but be careful not to hit Thyrannosarus, or he will cost you an egg. The game ends, if you run out of time or eggs.

Easy Operation:
Tap the right heads with your finger(s) – works for two thumbs or one-finger-eagle-style

– Addictive and simple game play
– Hand drawn cartoon characters
– Difficulty automatically adapts to players ability in each game
– Compete with your friends and get on top of the local highscore list
– Get hooked to the background music by Vadim Sahakian

Non-iPhone friends even considered getting an iPhone just to play this game ;)

We are planning to integreate Game Center and native iPad support in comming releases.

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