Dino Story — Pocket Pets

Come and get this lovely dinosaur! You can treat him as your best friend!

Your dinosaur will live with you in your own customary decorated house. Play with your Dino and earn coins! You will unlock new decorations, toys and clothes for your cute friend.

Customize your very own Dino and take him with you to your home, a luxurious new house made just for you two! Feed, play, and accessorize your Dino to keep him healthy, happy, and active. Earn coins or gems by satisfying his needs to spend on new items and activities! Can you do well enough to collect all the coins and accessories?
You can feed him with water and meat. You can also play with him, or let him earn money for you(of course the ideal money). He is very obedient to you!

– Fully elegant dinosaur school
– Touch your dinosaur and play with him
– Feed him with food and water
– Pet your dinosaur with your finger
– Change the look and feel of your room
– Let him earn money

Please enjoy our efforts in creating this app for you while providing it absolutely free, We would love to hear feedback from everyone as we plan to constantly improve iPet based on what you guys want!

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