Dino Maze – Dinosaur Mazes For Kids and Toddlers By Tiltan Games

** 30 Wonderful mazes with Dino, your favorite dinosaur! **
To celebrate our 250,000 happy player, we present Dino Maze!

Each maze comes in lovely colors, background and characters.
Collect fruits and presents as you make your way in the maze.
with 3 difficulty levels from easy to hard the game fits both kids and adults, each for his own challenge.

** Create your own puzzles easily using the in-game maze builder **.
3 mazes difficulty levels – from small to large maze.
Add new backgrounds, characters and homes to the game from your device library or using the device camera.

The game contains:
* 30 Predefined mazes
* 3 Difficulty Levels
* Build and play your own mazes. Use predefined parts or add your own unique parts to the game
* Beautiful HD graphics

Note, there are 10 predefined mazes in each difficulty level. The base game allows to play two mazes from each difficulty level to provide a feel for the game. to play the rest and be able to create your own mazes, you need to unlock the complete functionality of the game.

The game does NOT contain ads.

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