Dino Match Up – Dinosaur Pictures and Sounds Memory Game


KIDS and Adults LOVE Dino Match Up! This is a MUST HAVE app for tons of family fun or to keep the kids busy when you need that well deserved break!

This fun filled game will challenge your child’s memory by having them match up dinosaur pictures and sounds. Now they’ll get education with their entertainment, developing focus, concentration, visual and audio cognitive skills – all wrapped up in a super fun game!

With cuddly cute dinosaur graphics, Dino Match Up is sure to be a hit with your family! The easy to play game will keep your kids entertained while they play it over and over and over!

Dino Match Up incorporates a kid-friendly design with big buttons and easy to navigate game screens.

It’s an intuitive design and there are no complicated menus. They can play it on their own or have even more fun taking turns! They can even choose two different modes of game play – Time Trial
Countdown or Classic High Score/Lowest Time. There are also super simple level selections if they want to move up the game play ladder and discover even more animals and sounds!

Dino Match Up also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your children! Nothing is more fun than playing against Mom or Dad, or Grandpa or Grandma! But be careful, Dino Match Up
is so engaging that you’ll get this for your Kids and then end up playing it yourself!


Here are some of the awesome features of Dino Match Up:

★ Uncover new dinosaurs in up to 5 Levels of memory match game play!
★ Discover up to 16 Cuddly Cute Dinosaurs!
★ Helps to develop recognition, memory and verbal skills
★ HOLDS ATTENTION with Classic or Time Trial Countdown game play!
★ Retina graphics! Looks amazing on iPhone 4 & 4S.
★ Universal game play that works on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
★ Big Tiles, Buttons & Menus for easy game play and navigation
★ Keeps children (and Adults!) entertained!
★ Non Stop Fun for Kids and Adults alike!

Dino Match Up is a fun game designed for kids from XFactor MultiMedia. Check out the other XFactor Games and apps like, JumpBall – the Crazy Jumpers! Space Flight Asteroid Adventure or Ghost Scanner VX!

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