Dino Hunter

Two-player board strategy in which each player can play for dinosaur or caveman.

The objective is to push six of the opponent’s figures off the edge of the board.

Key Features:
– Easy to play.
– Multiplayer support.
– 3 difficulties for Single player mode.
– Integration with social networks.

– Keep the figures close to the centre of the board and force the opponent to move to the edges
– Keep the figures close together for increased defense and attack, especially in a hexagon shape to be able to push or defend in any direction
– Pushing the opponent off the board is not usually a good idea if it leads to weaknesses in the player’s geometry

1. Move only on free spaces.
2. Push opponent heros by advantage in quantity:3 can push 2 or 1; 2 can push 1.
3. Can’t move figure out of the board.

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