Dino Dash Thrills

☆☆☆ Two Games in One ☆☆☆
Slide, jump and dash through different worlds full of obstacles.
Simple control, easy, fun and addictive gameplay!

Two modes to play (two games in one).
Mode 1: Play the Dino in this thrilling game and try to last as long as you can, going through different worlds full of obstacles.
Mode 2: An adventure type of game, where you have to find your way jumping over floating platforms hovering over lava(first world) to find your exit to the next adventure. Jump over, slide beneath and push obstacles out of your way.

Game Features:
★Two game Modes (two games in one)
★Super-Simple controls
★Thrilling gameplay
★multiple obstacles
★Different worlds with slots for future upgrades
★Intense soundtracks and effects

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