Dingle Dangle

“Any physics puzzle fan will definitely want to get their hands on this.” — Modojo

“A great cross between puzzle and arcade that I enjoyed wholeheartedly.” — Bunch of Gamers

“…ridiculously adorable” — 148Apps

“…hits all the right spots!” — Pixel Bedlam

“…great fun” — Lowdown Mag, 10/10

Who wants to dangle for some Dingles?

Meet the Dingles, a silly jumble of creatures who don’t realise the danger they’re in! The environment they call home can burst them, crush them, and set them on fire! It takes a sky dwelling pirate who no longer lusts for gold to save them from themselves.

Lower the pirate’s grapple into the ground and explore the depths below. Swing the grapple by tilting the device and search out every bit of the cave. Find the Dingles, stick them together and haul them to the surface. Oh, and try not to burst them on the way out!

Over 60 puzzles to skillfully dangle your way through. Visit new worlds that introduce delicious flies that fatten up and change the color of your dingles and dangerous new enemies out to gobble your furry new friends.

Fancy a top hat and monocle? Maybe a tutu is more your style. Whatever the case, there’s plenty to spend your hard-earned gems on whether it’s a gadget to extend the length of your grapple or a new outfit for the Dingle.

• 60 levels of Dingle dangling puzzling fun – bring a steady hand and your thinking cap
• Master the art of dangling with intuitive tilt controls
• Fall in love with the chatty and emotive Dingles
• Spend gems on power-ups, outfits and new ropes
• UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

So. Who *doesn’t* want to dangle for some Dingles?!

This game features non-compulsory In-App Purchases. If you do not wish to use this feature please disable In-App Purchases in your device settings.

Dingle Dangle Review

Dingle Dangle has two things going for it. First, the game has easy-to-use controls and an easy-to-grasp concept, which makes this a carefree, casual game for all players. Second, this game pushes the cuteness factor. The Dingles are adorable little creatures that will warm your heart, even after you've completed the game. There isn't much of a story to Dingle Dangle, but it's set in an odd world. A captain in his flying ship teaches Read More →