DinerTown Zoo

Fall in love with the cutest Zoo game around!
★ “It is the best zoo game I ever played” – Beatonboats
★ “This app is super fun and keeps me engaged” – Ms Alana

Get ready to meet the most adorable animals in the App Store! Each animal has its own personality – they love to dance, juggle, play video games and more. Collect them all as you build a world-class zoo. Plus, for a limited time, get a FREE Circus and meet talented circus animals.

Start building your dream zoo today!

★ Adopt adorable animals
★ Customize your zoo
★ New content added every month for FREE!
★ Complete fun quests to earn rewards
★ Build themed animal habitats, from the Rainforest to the Arctic
★ Visit your friends & send them gifts
★ Earn daily bonuses from the prize wheel

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