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Inside you’ll discover
— Date and Rate Predictions over time…
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DinarGuru.com is the world’s largest archive of dinar guru facts, dinar history and intel…now you have access to the entire vault in this powerful fast paced, quick-witted new app.

You can now learn all about the dinar in a fast fun way and DISCOVER a few new things you never knew!

Great for the Dinar newbie to learn about their new investment and the Dinar Veteran to DISCOVER a few new facts…

What does RV stand for and What does it really mean?
How may Dinars were originally printed?
What did your Favorite (or not so favorite) Guru predict 2, 5 or even 10 months ago?
Who is the governor of the CBI?
What exactly is the Erbil anyway?

Utilizing the Iphone’s gorgeous graphics, touch screen and revolutionary communication, players have the opportunity to experience their dinar investment in ways never before possible.

Dinar Guru is all about educating and informing members about past guru predictions as well as the current events shaping the investment and Iraqi Dinar history…LEARNING has never been so much FUN!!

Players earn points (crystal balls) by answering questions about Iraq, Dinar trivia and past guru predictions—but that’s not all…you’ll have to wager how confident you are in knowing the answer and you have a limited time to do it. Your confidence is rewarded…but too much confidence can cost you dearly.

What do you do with your accumulated crystal balls? Customize your ultimate Dinar Guru of course! Exchange your winnings for snazzy new outfit for the games mascot or set your guru up on an exclusive island beach (gurus predict better in the lap of luxury!)…there are some fun surprises in store for you.

Each game round consists of 7 random questions about the dinar, Iraq or Dinar gurus. Players earn points based on how quickly they answer questions correctly and how much they wagered.. The more crystal balls the player earns, the more items they can buy for their personal Dinar Guru.

Additional Game features include:
Touch screen
Customizable and Personalized Dinar Guru
Memorable Guru quotes and predictions
Unique unlockable Blue Sky Calculator (Enter number of dinar, predicted rate and get your dinar total)

Feel like you need to brush up on your Dinar Guru history and past guru predictions? Go to www.DinarGuru.com and become a member, its FREE! You’ll get access to the entire Dinar Guru archive and get other fun stuff from me too!

Enjoy and have fun!

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