Dim Sum Dash

Dim Sum Dash is a mouth watering maze adventure for our fellow Dim Sum Lovers!

Follow the epic journal of Dim Sum Pilot and his friends, and assist them in navigating through tricky mazes as they pick up their favorite Dim Sum along the way.

During Dim Sum Pilot’s adventures, use the various dim sum collected to help unlock achievements and allow Dim Sum Pilot to dash through challenging mazes in record time.

Dim Sum can also be used to unlock Dim Sum Pirate and Dim Sum Pro (additional characters) who will help Dim Sum Pilot to unlock even more achievements and obtain an ever higher score.

Players of Dim Sum Dash can compare high score with their friends on the Apple Game Center and become the ultimate Dim Sum Dash Champion.

Get it now to experience the mouth watering Dim Sum Adventure of your lifetime.

Dim Sum Dash will provide hours and hours of fun and amazing game play and it is definitely the best Dim Sum adventure on the App Store! (regardless of stiff competition from other dim sum related competitors!)

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