Monsters of the Digital World have finally arrived at the iPhone in 3D!

Can you take full control of your Monster in Battle, and play it across the odds to victory against an equal adversary ?

Be the perfect Tamer for your own beloved Digital Partners.

Engage with your Digital Monsters into mind twisting strategy Battles.

Slash your Cards (swipe along the dark band downward) to support your Digital Partner against its opponents, guiding its moves in Battle, or adding different bonus effects.

.. Build up your expertise and aspire to be a real “DigiXer” !

* * *

Battle Strategy Guide:

> Play with your monster against the AI, which is programmed to judge the situation and make a better decision with certain amount of possibility
> Each turn your monster can perform only one of its signature moves (attack, defense, rest)
> If you couldn’t guide your monster with cards it will move randomly next turn, you may or may not like that !
> you have a “card panel” of 8 cards each battle, these cards can dictate the next move of the monster or add a special bonus effect of its own, according to the card description
> Each card costs certain amount of “Energy” which comes in three forms (red,blue,green), you earn 2 energy units with each new turn
> Each card has certain “cooldown” duration till you can slash it again
> When a monster reaches 0 health the Battle is Over

* * *

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