Dice Roller 3D

Dice Roller 3D is a dice roller simulator that will also help you to summarize the scoring for different types of dice games, for example Yacht and Greed.

To roll the dices you can either press the roll button, swipe or shaking the device. Depending on how you swipe (speed, direction) or shaking the device, the dices will react differently.

By creating profiles you can customize how many dices (up to 30 dices) you will have, how many rolls a roll round should have, choose between ten different backgrounds or just use a single color as background, dice color, dice type (western or asian) and more.

There are also five built-in profiles. They are:

Greed (also known as Greedy, Stugots, Zilch and 10000)

You can customize these built-in profiles just as you do with your own profiles, except for number of dices and number of rolls a roll round should have.


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