Dice 3D Real

The best real 3d dice in appstore, it use the newest 3D technology, simulate dice in real world.You only shake the iPhone or iPad ,the dice would bounce follow the shake intensity,when you stop shake,the dice would stop.the 3d dice have this features:

1.the real feel with the dice in real world
2.could add or reduce the number of dice
3.could open or close the cap
4.could show result and lock iphone or ipad when finish shake

this 3d dice easy to bring,it is good for play game in the bar, pub,saloon when drink.

this version have follow feature:
1.the new shake algorithmic;resolve the dice overlap,jitter;the better feel with shake
2.add show result feature
3.the bigger dice and cup
4.when show result,freeze add/reduce the
number of dice
5.touch the cup cap directly instead of click button for open/close cap

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