Diamond Texas Poker

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Even though you don’t know the rules of the game, you can still learn lots of skills. The 3D realistic match up game display, fantastic actions, voices, and the super deluxe poker room with different style suites and scenes. Brings you the whole new feeling of the 3D game.

♠ One of the first 3D Texas hold’em Poker APP ♠
‧Outstanding 3D characters and scenes, real voices, feel the realistic experience.
‧Abundant 3D character emotions, Push counters! FEEL the move of ALL IN!
‧Movie-like storyboard, get rid of the boring gaming scenes.
‧Fast match up into the game, various amount of tables can be chose. Enjoy the realistic feeling!
‧FREE download and FREE poker chips rewards!

♣ Other description ♣
‧3G internet support & WiFi connections.
‧For better enjoying it, we highly recommend you reboot the device before loading the game.
‧It is highly recommended that you upgrade your device to the latest iOS version.


♥ 現在加入馬上獲得VIP, 價值$2.99♥ 

‧豐富的3D人物情感動作,咪牌!拍桌加注!推籌碼!讓你ALL IN超有 FEEL! 
‧電影運鏡方式,讓單調無聊的遊戲畫面永遠 OUT! 

‧iPad1 – 效能優先模式 
‧iPad2 – 畫面優先模式 
‧iPad3 – 畫面優先模式 

♥ iPad1的部分,建議先清除所有背景程式,並重新開機裝置後,再進行遊戲以獲得更順暢的遊戲環境 ♥ 

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