Diamond Crusher Premium

Diamond Crusher is addicting! Crush the shiny jewels, earn valuable Diamonds and enter the high score. High quality designs, sounds and animations are waiting for you!

+++ Now with new layout, new currency system and improved game principle +++

Classic Mode
Simple match 3: Switch two adjacent jewels to crush three or more jewels of the same colour.

Crusher Mode
Crush groups of at least three adjacent jewels of the same colour to clear the board.

Beat the high score! You can get more time or points by using special and booster jewels. Earn Diamonds by playing and purchase cool extra stuff.

You will not be able to put down Diamond Crusher until you have cracked the high score!

Look forward to:
– Classic and Crusher mode
– Booster jewels for more points and time
– Dynamic animations
– Sounds
– Game Center & achievements
– Facebook integration
– Booster jewels for more time or points
– Game mode Shifter & Gravity
– Game mode Blob

Enjoy the glamour and get Diamond Crusher now!

What our users say:
***** “A lot of fun and addictive!”
***** “I’m literally addicted to this game!!!!!”
***** “A must-have for all lovers of arcade games. No boredom thanks to different game variations! I recommend it.”

If you like our Diamond crusher we are looking forward to your rating in the AppStore.
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