Devil’s Due Pinball

Do you dare make a deal with the Devil? Challenge the Devil to reap the rewards of immortality, knowledge, fame, riches, and power! Earn all of the deals and face the devil one-on-one in a super-secret undertable showdown.

**Note, we are currently working on an improvement to the flipper action on the board. This update should arrive in the next couple of weeks.***

A retro-themed table, DDP is inspired by the great pins of the early 1990s. Featuring real-world pinball physics, the table offers tons of replay for both casual players and pinball enthusiasts alike.

✪ ✪ ✪ FEATURES ✪ ✪ ✪
➥ Close adherence to the rules found on real-life tables.
➥ Fully rendered 3D Engine.
➥ Over eight unique game modes.
➥ Two awesome multiball modes.
➥ Secret Undertable (accessing to it will require some serious pinball skills.)
➥ Autosaves ensure you won’t lose your progress, even if you have to answer a phone call or take a break.
➥ Learn all the rules of the table through an interactive tutorial.
➥ Full set of in-game Achievements
➥ Original Soundtrack, professional voice actors, and authentic sound effects.
➥ Local and Global GameCenter High Scores.
➥ Eye-Popping LCD animations.
➥ nVIDIA PhysX engine, created in the Unity 3D engine.

NOTE: Iphone 3GS/iPod Touch 3 users. Devil’s Due Pinball is a physics-intensive pinball simulation. We strongly recommend the game is played on iPhone 4 devices and above.

Having Problems?
Problem: The game is crashing as soon as I start it.
Solution: If the game is crashing as soon as you start it, you probably don’t have enough memory available on the device at the moment. To correct this, restart your iDevice by holding down the Power/Sleep button until it turns off.

If the game is still crashing without starting, it is likely you had a bad download. Simply delete the app and reinstall it via the App store.

If it still won’t start, please e-mail us at with the details.

Problem: There is noticeable hitching when I start the game up.
Solution: The game uses GameCenter to keep track of your scores and Achievements. This hitching occurs momentarily when the game first connects to GameCenter. If you wait a few moments before starting your game, you will not see this hitching while playing.

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