Detention Games For iPad

Are you ready to get in trouble? Looking to cause chaos in your classroom? Well, look no further than Detention Games. The newest and wildest target based shooting game to hit the app store.

With its 5 mini games and 3 levels of play, Detention Games is sure to please kids and adults of all ages. Play spitball, silent ball, band arrow shooting, paper football and garbage can toss all in the same app. Where else would you find that? Only in Detention Games…

Shooting at targets with spitballs and arrows, flicking paper footballs and throwing random objects, and throwing balls friends are sure to bring back memories of your school days or the start of new ones for many.

“Download Detention Games now”

“Five Mini Games included for one price”
•Silent Ball
• Band Arrow Shooting
•Paper Football
•Garbage Can Toss

“Three Levels of Play”
•Time Mode: 3 minutes
•5 Strikes: every time you miss, you lose a strike. Every time you hit, you gain one back.. Not exceeding 5 Strikes.
•Sudden Death: 1 minute of play. Hit the teacher and your game ends.

Scoring Points is the main objective in Detention Games. There are over 20 targets to hit in spitball and Rubber Band Arrow Shooting. In Paper Football, calculating your push of the football and the direction depending on the wind are some of the ways to score points. Hitting various objects in garbage can toss and choosing who to hit in silent ball help round out the five mini games. They all score points in the end.

Points and Leader Boards are kept using Open Feint. Create an account with Open Feint to start keeping track of your scores and also to see where your friends rank…

Wildly addictive and easy to play, download Detention Games and get sucked into the world of you’re youth. Play some classic school games right on your I Phone, I Pad and I Pod Touch.




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“Download Detention Games Now”

Download now for some good old fashioned I Phone and I Pad fun. “Feel free to rate the app and leave a review if you would like”

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