Battle3D 2: Iron Punch – New Game!

#2 Role Playing in Japan.
#5 Arcade in Japan.
#2 Role Playing in USA.
#10 Arcade in USA.

Aliens have invaded earth!!!!
They have been very far away and very Powerful Mutants.

We must retake the earth!

“Destroy9 – Alien” version is “Defence” and “RTS”
“Destroy9″ version is “Defence” + “RTS” + “Action”
(Tip: Press the “Leader” Button.)

Super SF Action !!

Mission 1: Let all the enemies defeated!
Mission 2: Have more land! (Football-mode)
Mission 3: Defend the base!
Mission 4: Fast Attack!
Mission 5: After the base defense all the attacks!

– 3D Side View, 3D Map Terrain, 3D Weather Change.
– College of Engineering Systems missile trajectory.
– High Dynamics System.
– Status will be changed according to level up and
Follows the U.S Military Army of the Class System.

– Produce units.
– Multiple units can be created at the same time.
– Sky Bomb support for your Military Army.
– Map Scroll softly
– You can control the Leader and Select machine units can fight with.

A.I :
– The Aliens are made of special artificial intelligence will disturb you and high sensitivity, cool action will be excited.

– Original Soundtrack produced by Game and Movie music composer Akinatz.

– You connect to the server with other users through the rank of the world can be.

User say:
“Awesome, time sucking fun. …it comes highly recommended.”
“This is the most addicting game i’ve ever played on any kind of this type games.”
“Graphics and Music are very good and I bought this game a few weeks ago.”
“All of these would make this game so much better, and easily worth 4 or 5 bucks!”
“I love this game, it is very easy to get into it. its a great way to waste some time.”

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