Dessert Ninja

You have been chosen to join an elite group of ninjas. Every twelve years, during the Year of the Dragon, a secret warrior society selects four potential ninjas to join their ranks.

Each candidate is tested from fighting skills to mind endurance tasks, with the ultimate test of having to sacrifice their deepest, utmost desires, Desserts!

Ninja candidates are tested through phases: Kid Ninja (easy), Teen Ninja (medium), Adult Ninja (semi-hard), and Wise Ninja (hard). Do you have the patience, wisdom and desire to curb your sweet tooth in Dessert Ninja?

Whisk, Whoosh, Whip and Slash through delectable, tempting, sinful desserts, like blueberry pie, ice cream, chocolate bon-bons, cookies, donuts, cupcakes and more.

The clock is ticking and your cravings are out of control . . . surrender to the power of the Ninja and whisk-away any desires to become the Wise Ninja.

Dessert Ninja Features:
* 4 Levels- Kid Ninja (easy), Teen Ninja (medium), Adult Ninja (semi-hard), and Wise Ninja (hard).
* Over 14 Different Tantalizing Desserts to Whisk and Whip.
* Whisk with One or Multiple Fingers.
* Combo Points for Calorie Cutting Skills: 2 Combo- 10 points; 3 Combo- 20 points; 4 Combo- 30 points.
* 10+ Point Bonus for Whisking the Most Cherished Craving.
* Dessert Panic Causing Your Blood Sugar to Rise.
* 4 Different Yummy Backgrounds.
* Satisfying Sound Effects and Graphics.
* Variety of Bombs to Curb your Skills.
* Fun for All Ages, including Sweet Granny and Grumpy Pa.

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