Introducing the ultimate decisionmaker… deSolva!!

Who’s gonna decide what’s for dinner? Who’s gonna choose the movie of the night? Who’s gonna *insert your own question*!
deSolva takes care of this for you! Challenge your opponent in this 2-player offline game and see who’s the ultimate deSolva champion!

We could’ve called this app Rock, Paper, Scissors 2.0 but… that’s just not as awesome as deSolva!

★ Fair game
No way to cheat – just make sure you remove your fingerprints before it’s your opponents turn

★ Track the statistics
Study your opponents and see what the preferred choices of your mates are in the database (powered by core data)

★ Clutterfree UI
You don’t have time to waste, that’s why deSolva get’s to the point instantly

★ Exciting countdown timer
Three seconds can feel like an eternity, who’s got the better nerves when the deSolva timer is about to reveal the winner?

★ Free!
The only decision you have to make is to download the app!