Describe It

Play Describe It with a friend or a random opponent, and describe something to them – and guess their descriptions – without using any of the banned words.

Describe It is a great new word game combining the best bits of the classic Taboo! with Draw Something and Words With Friends.

Feedback so far:

“I love this game!!!!”
“Enjoyable and makes you think”
“Very interesting game and very fun great job”
“this could be a great game!”
“Works very well for me, it is quite eye catching and has a fun feel to it. Very easy to grasp the concept”

* Thousands of word combinations
* Option of easy, medium or hard clues
* Win beans for guessing and describing correctly
* Buy hints, clues and passes to help you along the way
* No rhymes with or sounds like!
* Describe a word to your opponent within the time limit without using any of the banned words 


- You can start a game of Describe It with a friend via Facebook or Twitter, or play against a random opponent
- You can also invite friends that are not already playing, again using Facebook or Twitter
- Once the game is set up you can choose to play easy, medium or hard, then you have 45 seconds to describe to your opponent
- You cannot use any of the banned words (listed below) or derivations of the banned words
- You cannot use any part of the word you are describing
- You cannot use ‘rhymes with’ or ‘sounds like’ either
- Nor, obviously, can you have anagrams. It’s all about the description!
- Once you have sent your description your opponent has 45 seconds to guess what it is
- If your description, guess or answer is particularly inspired, funny or stupid you can share it through Facebook and Twitter
- If your opponent guesses correctly it becomes their turn to describe
- Beans are awarded for clues that are guessed correctly (or can be bought in the store) and can be used to help you guess
- Your ‘streak’ shows how many correct guesses you and your opponent have made. See what the highest streak you can make is
- You can have up to ten games at once
- Enjoy, and let us know how we can make Describe It better using the feedback button

Describe IT

New addictive turn-based word game! Use clues and wit to describe words to your friends!
The fewer clues you use, and the quicker you guess, the more coins you earn. Use coins to buy power-ups to help you guess!

▶▶▶ GAMEPLAY ▶▶▶
★ Race against the clock – the faster you guess the more coins you earn
★ Use fewer clues to describe the word to increase your multiplier and earn more coins
★ Build long-running streaks with your friends to earn more coins
★ Use coins to buy power-ups which help you guess

✓ Challenge your friends through Facebook, username, or email. If you don’t have any friends we’ll find someone for you to play!
✓ Push notifications let you know when it’s your turn to guess
✓ Quick games you can fit in anywhere, anytime!


★ Multiplayer!
- Challenge up to 4 friends and see who can guess the fastest
- The fastest to guess wins coins off the slowest!

★ 3,000+ words
- Never describe the same word twice

★ Ad-free!

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