Describe It Free

Play Describe It Free with a friend or a random opponent, and describe something to them – and guess their descriptions – without using any of the banned words.

This is the free, ad supported version of Describe It, a new word game combining the best bits of the classic Taboo! with Draw Something and Words With Friends.

Feedback so far:

“I love this game!!!!”
“Enjoyable and makes you think”
“Very interesting game and very fun great job”
“this could be a great game!”
“Works very well for me, it is quite eye catching and has a fun feel to it. Very easy to grasp the concept”
“its fun and interesting and its free :D”

* Thousands of word combinations
* Option of easy, medium or hard clues
* Win beans for guessing and describing correctly
* Buy hints, clues and passes to help you along the way
* No rhymes with or sounds like!
* Describe a word to your opponent within the time limit without using any of the banned words

– You can start a game of Describe It with a friend via Facebook or Twitter, or play against a random opponent
– You can also invite friends that are not already playing, again using Facebook or Twitter
– Once the game is set up you can choose to play easy, medium or hard, then you have 45 seconds to describe to your opponent
– You cannot use any of the banned words (listed below) or derivations of the banned words
– You cannot use any part of the word you are describing
– You cannot use ‘rhymes with’ or ‘sounds like’ either
– Nor, obviously, can you have anagrams. It’s all about the description!
– Once you have sent your description your opponent has 45 seconds to guess what it is
– If your description, guess or answer is particularly inspired, funny or stupid you can share it through Facebook and Twitter
– If your opponent guesses correctly it becomes their turn to describe
– Beans are awarded for clues that are guessed correctly (or can be bought in the store) and can be used to help you guess
– Your ‘streak’ shows how many correct guesses you and your opponent have made. See what the highest streak you can make is
– You can have up to ten games at once
– Enjoy, and let us know how we can make Describe It better using the feedback button

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