Describability: the new two-player game that will stretch your vocabulary (and your imagination!) as you take it in turns to describe “Words” – well, everything from single words to famous movie quotes and phrases – without using the word itself.

And if you thought composing the perfect text or Tweet was tricky, you’ve got to get Describable in fewer than 50 characters… It’s addictive from the word go – or “the thing shouted at the start of a race”.

Plus there’s a fun retro twist: just like picking a board game piece or video game avatar, Describability offers six unique characters to play as. With over 5,000 “Words” in 60 categories, you’ll be wracking your brains – and racking up bonuses for speed and skill – game after game before you see a repeat word.

Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – sign in via Facebook to play with friends, or let Describability find you a random opponent.

Got a suggestion for a new category? Is there a band, city or movie you’d like to see in the game? Let us know via Facebook, and you might see it in Describability!

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