*New and Noteworthy featured.

New features and graphics. Twitter share added. New critters, dangers and achievements. Mushrooms light the way (don’t get stuck in the dark!). A new poison weapon to aid in critter clearing and new 500 foot free fall bonus items if you can find them.

Equipped with only a grappling hook and his wits, Jordan is on a mission to the depths of the earth. Help Jordan descend as deep as he can and collect riches beyond his wildest dreams.

Tilt your iPhone left and right to move Jordan. Be careful, gravity is always working to plummet Jordan to his doom. If Jordan needs to climb up, tap the screen to launch his rope and grappling hook for a speedy ascent. Don’t be afraid to jump out the screen; this strange world has some interesting quirks that might be advantageous to you and Jordan. Beware the critters also; they pack a nasty punch and an even fouler stench.

Descender is Game Center equipped, so strive to be the deepest explorer on the Depth Leader Board and conquer the “Collection” and “Over Achiever!” achievements.
Retina support.

How deep can you go?
I hope you enjoy Descender. I will continue to make it better.
Good luck.

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