Do you like racing at ridiculous SPEED? Ridiculous DANGER? Do you like racing at ridiculously DANGEROUS SPEEDS while looking RIDICULOUS and DANGEROUS? OF COURSE YOU DO.

Enter DERPBIKE, the wild-eyed motocross racer from the twisted team behind QUANTUM CONUNDRUM and the breakout iOS puzzler PIXLD.

Race AS FAST AS YOU DARE across tons of different tracks with challenging terrain. Get HUGE AIR. Do WICKED BACKFLIPS that will MAKE YOU VERY POPULAR with your FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES. Compete with those friends and colleagues on Game Center leaderboards for the best score. CRUSH THEM.

Race for FAME, GLORY, and DERPBUCKS. Unlock cool particle trails, bikes, and riders. You know how you always dreamed of FLYING ON A CLOUD? Or being a UNICORN? How about tumbling on a GYROSCOPIC BIG-WHEEL until you THROW UP ON YOURSELF? All this and more is possible in the world of DERPBIKE. Heck, we even have a BANANABIKE. We know you also dreamed about RACING ON FRUIT.

Imagine an AWESOME ELECTRIC GUITAR RIFF at this point in the pitch. Sounds awesome, right? RIGHT.

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