Derby Surf

*Derby Surf
Hi, guys! Wanna be a surfing super star?? Completing one action after another and enjoying the cheering and attentions are not a dream anymore!!Now Derby arrives in Hawaii! This is his personal show!

You need avoid barriers such as blocks and bulbs by tilting the device right or left. You also need care about the hungry sharks’ attack. You could get some bonuses when surfing on the way. The more actions you play, the more scores you will get. So funny, isn’t it? You could also update your play to facebook or twitter and share it with your friend . Endless mode , New Board and New Derby wait for you .

*How to play
-Use the lilt to steer !
-The flying height and rotation are proportional to the your score .
-You must fall down in side of a certain angle in order to avoid tumbling .
-The more actions you play , the more scores you will get .
-And you need to avoid all the obstacle until you get enough score .


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