DepressPill☺Lite – Game for Happy Habit

DepressPill☺Lite – Game for Happy Habit
1. Introduction
Is human being happy? Am I happy enough? Why so many people suffer from depression? This App gives an answer to these questions and aims to help people live happy lives through brain training.
If you aren’t feeling enough happiness, this App will offer you a good guideline towards happiness. While playing the anti-depression game included in this App, you will slowly be able to develop a habit of maintaining happiness without being aware of it.
The goal of this App is to help users have a good living habit of ‘believing your everyday lives on the ground as days in the paradise.’

2. Brief Description
DepressPill is a special App that helps people pick up a habit of practicing positive thinking and happiness by playing a game.
This application is designed to achieve happiness for human beings as encompassing various theories such as game theory, medicine, biotechnology, evolution psychology, advertisement technique, fun theory, etc.
As playing DepressPill, users will be able to overcome stress, settle down their minds in peace and make a huge step forward in realizing their dreams.
Kindly read the guidelines of DepressPill carefully and enjoy playing the game.
While playing Anti-Depression Game provided by the App, users will learn how to become happy in spite of themselves and realize that the habit of maintaining happy feelings will be strengthened as time goes by.
Although there are various fun elements in this game, DepressPill is not designed for entertainment only. Instead, DepressPill serves as a life-teaching simulation game that enables the users’ lives become happier and more positive. It is also a brain training game that is educational to users in teaching them how to become happy and maintain such knowhow as a habit.

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