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Depict First Look

IndieGames, reporting from Tokyo Game Show’s ‘Sense of Wonder Night,’ uncovered a very interesting iPhone game concept called Depict. Jesus Cuahtemoc and Moreno Ramos, two indie developers based in Mexico city, are making a camera-based game that’s essentially a real-world scavenger hunt. Depict assigns you a basic symbol, like a blue square with a white blob in the middle, from its store of images, and you have to find and photograph something that looks roughly equivalent (a fluffy cloud in a blue sky might work in this case).

Depict isn’t very far along–mostly because the dev team doesn’t actually have an iPhone yet!–but they’ve made a YouTube video demonstrating the gameplay. They also plan to implement a multiplayer mode that will allow players to vote on others’ image-matching prowess. Tilt and touch are familiar territory for iPhone gameplay by now, so we’re happy to see some less conventional concepts bubbling to the fore. It’s easy to forget how many tricks the iPhone has up its sleeve…

Props to IndieGames for tracking down this great story! Hit their site for more details.