Defender Hero

★Supports Chinese and English.
★Beautiful graphic effect and lively roles.
★TD which tests your wisdom and courage.
★14 classes will be gradually unlocked according to the game process, such as Paladin, Mage, Ranger, Rogue, Blasted tower, Forzen tower and so on.
★Add the hero system that you can control a hero to fight for you in each battle. Attribute points of your hero, quality of equipment and tactics are the keys to victory.
★Well designed 15 maps in 5 difficulties, totally 75 difficulty levels that satify your challenge of desire.

【Background Story】
The earth – shaking war thousand years ago has been covered by times. People establish a prosperous and powerful empire, this is a Sword and Magic world. Dell – a Mage who has no reason to pursue power, he went into the old historical remains underground and looked for the spell book. But he unlocked the Devil’s seal by accident, the evil occupied his body and used his power. Then, Evil Dargon came back! What a disaster that people will face?!

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