Defend Your Castle

Rating: 9+

Defend Your Castle is a game from XGen Studios, originally released 19th April, 2009


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Defend Your Castle Review

Defend Your Castle is what you would get if a kindergartner designed a tower defense game. And that’s totally a good thing! With its simplified concept and charming presentation, it’s a refreshing take in a crowded genre.

The title boils the concept down to its basic premise — Defend a tower. The game only has one tower, and it is up to you, the player, to stop a marauding horde of stick figures from breaking down the walls. The animation behind these little guys is really fantastic, whether it’s stick figures slapping at the door or the giants kicking the walls. It’ll bring a smile to your face, guaranteed. Some may note the striking similarity to the recently released Stick Wars, but taken on its own, Defend Your Castle is still a worthy title.

Defense is as simple as touching the marauders and either flicking them off screen and letting gravity do the rest, or by taking them and smashing them into the ground. Upgrades, which include archers, repair crews, magicians or suicide bombers, are available for purchase between levels. They’re hardly necessary, though, as the bulk of the action is all you. Units are trained by dropping enemies in the “Pit of Conversion,” which is a paint bucket.

The simplicity of the gameplay is unfortunately its main weakness. It’s quite easy to just hold the screen vertically and swipe back and forth, which is a total hack and cheapens gameplay somewhat. It’s hardly a difficult game — don’t bother starting on Normal, Heroic all the way — and things don’t really get all that interesting for the first 10 levels or so.

That said, Defend Your Castle is accessible enough that you’ll find yourself picking it up when you’ve got some spare time to kill. With a save feature, progress need not go to waste. From the cute, childish graphics to the sound effects, which are almost exclusively generated from the developer’s mouth, Defend Your Castle is a wonderful reminder that video games are all about catering to our inner child.