There is important stuff that you can’t throw away!!
Shoot coming enemies to protect your trash house!

[How to play]
Defeat coming enemies!
– Tap the screen to shoot.
– The game ends when the life points reach zero.
– Tap the icon on the left of the screen to change a weapon.

A water gauge gradually decreases every time you shoot.
If the water gauge reaches zero, the player can’t water until the gauge is full.

○Slingshot, Catapult and Canon
These weapons are available to use only when the player have a bullet.
use each weapon as the situation demands!

●Rain of dust!
Tapping the house when the yellow gauge is fill, emits attack across the screen.

Use your materials!
– Tap your house or weapons to improve.

Keep shooting until the life points of your house reaches zero.
– Get high score!

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