Defend Homeland HD

Where is the top prospect game? Here it comes!
The best mobile game — Defend HomeLand!!!

Hateful ants grabbed the imperial crown of snails’ prince, and even swaggered through the street on snails’ territory!! Finally, these been enraged snails decided to stick together to crush the enemies down and defend their own beautiful homeland!!!

Defend HomeLand is a totally new game of tower defense. It’s simple to play, with various tactics and strategies. Don’t be hasitated. Come on!! Keep these hateful ants outside the homeland with mutil-angle tower putting system of original originality.
Elegant screenshots with brand new cartoon style, match up with fair-sounding effects, pure and fresh scene,and whirling situation.All these make it joyful to play this game.

★ More wider maps, more abundant battle grounds, and more scene and battle mode to be added with the version updating.
★ Six kinds of snails with special characteristics make player to lineup with facility.
★ Eleven kinds of ants’ attack and various level designs.
★ Multiple force updata, which enrich your choice.
★ Attack mode with solo, cross, fourway type.
★ Each level with three kinds of different modes, and also with three different difficulties.
★ You can enjoy the endless challenges in the endless mode.
★ Spill over your glory in the clinquant achievement cup.
★ iPad HD supported.

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