DEFCON Z is a zombie retro arcade game, loaded with action, weapons and raging hordes of undead.
Find your way through infested streets, tunnels and debris. Kill tons of mindless zombies as you fill your screen with blood splatters!

Features include:
– 11 big levels to play. New map packs will be regularly added for free.
– 3 types of enemies: Sillies, embrancers and the big mastodons.
– 5 different weapons including: chainsaws, grenade launchers and machine guns.
– OpenFeint is enabled: online community
– 6 Achievements: Carnage, Holocaust, Lieutenant, etc.
– 11 LeaderBoards.
– Vibrant original metal soundtrack performed with real instruments.
– Rich sound effects including explosions and zombies asking for brains.

Get DEFCON Z now and start fighting the outbreak!

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