Deep Green Chess

A beautiful and elegant chess application for the casual player.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball: “Without question the best iPhone chess game”.

Playing chess has never been such a pleasant experience. On any platform! Everything is beautifully rendered; from the board and pieces to the way they animate.

Deep Green for iOS is the successor to the multi-award winning Newton version.


– Play against engine or human, or engine vs. engine
– Adjustable engine strength
– Concentration setting allowing the engine to play more like a human
– Manual board setup
– Game playback (first/previous/next/last position, auto-playback, drag slider)
– Replay of last move
– Move suggestion (animated on board)
– Take back (undo, all the way back to start)
– Free choice between tap/tap and drag/drop moving (no need to set preference)
– Display of captured pieces
– Smooth animations everywhere
– Game and state saved between program sessions
– Rich, analog-type sounds (optional)
– Callout notification for check, stalemate, and checkmate, (optional)
– Vibration on check, stalemate and checkmate, (optional)¹
– Board coordinates (optional)
– Board auto-rotation (optional)
– Clean and beautiful user interface
– Two built-in skins
– And more…

¹) Vibration is only available if the iOS device is capable of it.

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