❝ Mind-meltingly addictive. ❞
DeBlock is an alluring block destruction game. The simple yet challenging puzzles will captivate you for hours as you blast your way through the levels.

The object of DeBlock is to dig through the levels with as large a score gain per level as possible. You score by destroying blocks sitting next to other blocks of the same color. The more blocks you can destroy in one tap, the more points you get for them. Special blocks appear which you can cleverly use at your strategic advantage; though some will sabotage your field if you’re not careful!

Digging your way through the blocks is utterly simple and satisfying.

This game is fit to entertain and occupy children as much as adults.

A new kids mode was designed specifically with young children in mind. The gameplay stays easy and remains uninterrupted. Switching to kids mode allows children to play easy levels while leaving your own level and score progress unaffected.

While leveling is easy, you are challenged to maximize your score per level so as to beat the others before the levels get too hard.

Strategically use your Special Blocks to make bigger explosions and flawlessly cleared levels.

Integrated with Game Center, show off your progress and compete with other players world-wide.

• Spellbinding levels.
• Exciting for all ages, includes a kids mode.
• Game Center integration.
• Keeps track of multiple players.
• Available in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.
• Fully Open Source (JRL).


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