Death Golf™

★★★AWARDED NEW & NOTEWORTHY BY APPLE!★★★ 4 out of 5 stars from iReviewT! If you like golf games and platform adventures then Death Golf is THE game for you! Adventure through incredible golf courses in this revolutionary platform golf game. Use skill and timing to aim your shots, then combat ferocious predators and ingenious traps on a journey to the hole!

★ More than 35 holes to play; each with fantastic scenery, creatures and effects!
★ Duck into the clubhouse and upgrade your gear to gain fearsome golfing abilities.
★ Use devastating Death Golf power-ups and colossal point-boosting combos to head for the hole!
★ Retina Display support for all devices!
★ Courses include the Shady Swamps, hi-temp Heat Hazard and the fearsome Skullcrush Keep.
★ Choose your golfer’s appearance and abilities, then see them in action!
★ Game Center leaderboards and achievements mean you can track your progress against other fearless Death Golfers!

Death Golf Review

Mashing up gaming genres can be a tricky tightrope to try and walk. If successful, you have the potential to create something new and unique that can transcend the trappings of a specific type of game and create a whole new, hopefully awesome,  experience. On the flipside, however, if the experiment doesn’t work then you can create something that’s a major mess. Death Golf, the new game from Ayopa Games, proves that old Jurassic Park Read More →

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