dearben Lite

Dearben Lite is the basic game console for the speech recognition version of Colossal Cave Adventure.

This game console app is intended for use by players inside the USA and Canada. Players outside of North America should install and configure Skype before continuing and then connect via the Skype button.

“Adventure” (aka “Colossal Cave Adventure”) was born in 1975 and is a forerunner of virtual reality. As such, is a forerunner of interactive storytelling. It has been tremendously influential. This was the first of its kind — using words to create a rich simulated imaginary world.

We have updated this famous computer game with sound and speech recognition. To play the game you will need to call me, either with a phone or with Skype. You can play with or without graphics. Launch this app once your call has connected to view the game console.

The object of Adventure is to score points by finding the treasures and depositing them in the house. I’ll be your eyes and ears and describe what I see and hear. When it’s your turn to talk I’ll ring a bell. Speak commands of a few words. Say compass directions to move. For example, “go east”. Manipulate objects by saying “get” or “drop” and the object name. You might say, “get the lamp”. More complete instructions, a game walkthru, and a chatroom where you can talk with other players are available when you call.

Notice: Space is limited. Please call again if we’re busy.

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